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Granite Supplements Speed Force: Pre-Workout & Fat Burner

No nonsense pre-workout couple with fat burner properties.

Granite Supplements Speed Force: Pre-Workout & Fat Burner ProductName

Granite Supplements Speed Force a hybrid pre-workout and fat burner designed by IFBB professional bodybuilder John Meadows.

What in it?

One of the best thing about Granite Supplements is the fact there are “NO PRIORITY BLENDS”, which means we can see whats inside the bottle. The ingredients them selves are very good for providing energy and creating and themogenic enviorment for you to loose sub contanious fat and by totally focus on pushing big iron. We strat with a good 1.6g of Beta-Alanine to get you moving. Next come just enough Caffeine to kick your ass in gear but not to the red line. Really like the use of Theacrine to go along with the caffeine. This conbination provides a smooth long last supply of energy with no sudden stops. Also added a little of the adaptogen ashwagandha to help your body cope with the stress of working out and the added rush of the supplement itself. Simple but hardcore to the point - Solid!

Does it Deliver?

The combination of ingredients is pretty solid on paper but we know what that means when it come to the actual product - NOT A DAMN THING! So like we do here we gave a couple of willing abel bodies 2 jugs and said tell us what you think. Here is what they had to say after 6 weeks of use.

Actual USERS!

Kevin: I really like the Cherry flavor and it mixed okay in my shaker cup. As for how it preformed during my workouts, it took about two days before I really felt it kicking in. I am used to pres that have allot more caffeine so the initial rush wasn't as strong but the energy lasted way through my workouts. I weigh around 240Lbs so I was using a good size scoop each time. It wasn't 2 scoop but it was well rounded, and it worked just fine. I did loose any weight from it and I did not gain any either. Overall it was a very good supplement and I have ordered another bottle but will be adding some creatine to it to boost the strength factor a little bit.

Pete: I got the Sour Candy flavor and I am more of a Punch flavor person so we were not off to a good start right away. Taste was good, and it mixed well in a shaker and with a spoon or fork in a cup. Not as big as Kevin only weigh about 185 but my workout are more about staying lean while adding muscle mass right now so this was something I rally wanted to try. The caffeine amount for me was just right and really like the fact that I was not crash after training as I have done with some pre-workouts. It also didn't loose any effect during the 6 weeks. I felt just as good in weeks 5-6 as I did in week 1. Like everything about the supplement except the flavor. Like I said I prefer a punch flavor, so if they come out with a punch flavor I will definitely order a jug.

Our Conclusion:

Now you can see from the 3 testimonials above they like the product allot. This doesn't me it will work as well for you as it did for them but with the use of 2 or more people testing we can get the sense that the probability is allot higher than if only one person wrote about it. The formula is a sound one so give it a try and tell us about your experiences.

Granite Supplements Speed Force

Pre-Workout Fat Burner!
Product rating: 4.75 out of 5 with 2 ratings
Train Hard or Go Home!

Author: Bulldog

Date: March 29, 2018

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