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Comprehensive Recovery Formula - EVLUTION NUTRITION Recovery Mode

Fully Dosed Complete Recover Formula!

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EVLUTION NUTRITION Recovery Mode: Review...

Bodybuilding Supplements Review

What does this Supplement do? EVLUTION NUTRITION Recovery Mode is EVLUTION NUTRITION's “Rapid Replenish& Recovery Formula”. So does it live up to the billing? Recovery Mode banks it recovery formula on 3 different ingredients, BCAA's, Glutamine and A Creatine Complex along with certain aminos and vitamins to help boost it bioavailability in the gut. Okay all this seems great but will it function in the body as well as its supposed to on paper. We had 4 people here use the product and 3 said it was very good and they liked it, and one that it was just okay and didn't really make a difference in their recovery that much. The one dislike also said they were looking for a more mass builder type of drinks with more calories, and protein. The one thing we see here is that like allot of these recovery drinks not enough fats or complete protein sources. Fats are very essential to recovery and muscle not fat growth. Complete proteins not just BCAA's should be available when looking to add mass to your frame.

What benefits does this specific supplement provide?

EVLUTION NUTRITION Recovery Mode Supplement Highlights:
  • 5g BCAAs
  • 3g Glutamine
  • 3g Creatine
  • Vitamins C, D&E COMPLEX: Vitamin C, D, and E help support energy levels through intense workouts plus powerful antioxidant helps support against stress and support healthy immune system.

What are the best dosages? 1-2 scoop in your shaker cup with 12-16 oz of your desired liquid and shake for 25-30 seconds. We found that most people over 230Lbs will benefit more from 2 scoops more than one weather trying to loose or gain body mass.

Our Opinion: EVLUTION NUTRITION Recovery Mode is a very good recovery formula that like all those before it tries to make this into a weight loss or cutting type of drink. By leaving out complete protein sources and essential fats it doesn't matter what your goals are to loose bodyfat or gain muscle mass, if your muscle can't get what they need post training. By trying to target at that moment is why most of these recovery formula keep missing the mark of what they are trying to accomplish. Overall very good & strong formula, just not a mass builder.


Product rating: 0.0 out of 5 with 4 ratings
Live Strong and Train Hard….
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Author: BigZZZ

Date: July 28, 2018

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